Rebel without a cause…

Two weeks ago, I took a flower order from a person that was out of the country. This particular person wanted to send some amazing flowers to express his good luck wishes to the recipient. I delivered amazing flowers to a young woman who was studying for her midterms in high school. When I delivered 25 long stem white roses to this young woman she accepted the flowers with such joy and happiness but yet was taken by surprise. She had no words except to say, “ for me”? What a gift that was to deliver and share this bundle of love and thoughtfulness!

Just a few days before I delivered this order, I was in a yoga class and my wonderful teacher was talking about Sharon Salzberg’s article about “the Kindness Rebellion” Sharon stated that her dear friend stated,
“If you really want to be a rebel, practice kindness.” This man was truly being a rebel by practicing kindness and to be a part of that rebellious kindness is priceless!