A brand New Year...Bonne Annee!

This past weekend, I spent some time in the beautiful Berkshires reflecting on what I needed to say goodbye to in 2016 and the things that I have to look forward to in 2017. It was a true bittersweet feeling. 2016 was the year that fleur2u was launched so I almost didn’t want to leave that. But then I realized what great endeavors, people, and offerings are in store for me with fleur2u that I couldn’t wait for 2017 to begin. My 7 year old son said to me the other day…. “Mom, when are you going to have those Pink Floyd flowers again, those are my favorite.” When I see the effect flowers have on all of my 3 kids, both girl and boys, I can only imagine all the joy that our flowers can give for all who wants to enjoy the beautiful blooms we have to offer. My son’s expression of love for these flowers reminds me of the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Flowers...are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out-values all the utilities of the world.

2017 outlook sings the rays of beauty fleur2u has to offer.