Bring it on Spring!.....

I was walking through the flower market and picking out just the right flowers for our spring line up! I was inundated by all the amazing tulip picks from France and Holland. Then I meandered over to Italy and was bedazzled by the vibrant purple and white colors of the robust Anemones.

At that moment all I could think of was the quote by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Smile, breathe and go slowly”.
I couldn’t stop smiling, as I was breathing in all the beautiful aromas of spring. As I was passing slowly through Ecuador, gazing at the Pink Floyd, Tibet and Free Spirit roses, I came across even more beauty with the Garden Spray roses and Ranunculus.
I felt like I traveled around the world in just one afternoon. Ironically, it was the same feeling my 3 kids had when they came across the flowers in the foyer, kitchen, and bedroom. What a wonderful feeling it is to share the world! Bring it on!