Pay It Forward….

Time for me to chime in…our tech genius partner would always tell me that his favorite movie is “Pay it Forward.”  He would tell me that these are words he lives by.

So here’s what happened to me this week in the flower district on 28th street in NYC:

I was sourcing a mossy clay pot for a customer.  The vendors were crazy busy with holiday orders.  After finding the perfect clay pot, I was standing in a very long line to purchase.  Everyone was being impatient to get in and out fast- all strapped for time.  I finally get to the cashier to pay for my pot and I give the vendor my debit card.  He says to me "I am sorry but I have a $10 minimum for all card transactions.”  Now I am notorious for going through my whole day with absolutely no cash in my wallet…being the queen of Apple pay and using my phone as my wallet:)  So I say to the vendor “I am sorry but this pot is really all I need for now.”  He looks at me and shrugs his shoulders as he is not sure what to do.  A little voice from behind me in line says to me “How much is your purchase?”  The woman with the english accent says “Is it less than $10?”  I am now a bit surprised and bewildered and say “Yes it is.”     She says "I’ll pay for it for you…just pay it forward.”  The vendor is now wide- eyed and looking at me.  The english woman goes on to say “If you see someone in need please give to them…share the holiday spirit.”  I am now immersed in feelings of gratitude.  I say thank you very much and I certainly will.  Another man in line says “We need more people like that!”  The vendor and everyone in the check out line are immediately transformed with wonderful smiles on their faces.  I had a smile on my face all day and made a point to give to others in need.  In other words…”pay it forward."  

Hope this puts a smile on your face…

#loveNYC  #sharelovewithflowers